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What is a parchment?

Your parchment is a document confirming that you've officially completed your degree.

We call official completion 'conferral'.

A parchment is different from an academic record because it doesn't list individual units.

What appears on my parchment?

Your parchment will include your:

  • formal name as it appears in the HiQ website
  • award title
  • approved study area A
  • approved honours or distinction classifications.

Double majors and minors will only appear on your AHEGS and academic record.

For a full breakdown of award titles and which study areas (majors) are approved to appear on your parchment, please read the current active courses list.

When do I get my parchment?

QUT College students

QUT College will contact you about your parchment or certificate.

You'll receive your parchment when your degree is conferred. Because your parchment isn't a legal document until your degree is conferred, we can't provide it any earlier.


When you graduate, you'll be able to access your official parchment online through My eQuals and log in with a personal email address.

If you graduate after September 2019
You'll receive a digital parchment automatically when you graduate.
If you graduated between January 1989 and September 2019
You can request a digital parchment.

Make sure you've listed a personal email address in your HiQ personal profile so you can access your official digital documents after you graduate. 

Once we've issued your documents, we'll send an email to your personal email address with instructions and a link to My eQuals.

You can then create a My eQuals account to access your digital documents.


I'm attending my ceremony

You'll be presented your parchment at your ceremony.

I'm not attending my ceremony

We'll mail you your parchment after all the ceremonies for the semester are over.

If you live in Australia or have a Domestic mailing address, you should receive your parchment within four weeks of your graduation ceremony or conferral date. If you haven't received it within four weeks, check that you haven't missed a delivery notice from Australia Post. It may be waiting at your local post office.

If you live overseas or have an International mailing address, your parchment can be sent via DHL courier providing your mailing address in the HiQ website lists a street address and contact phone number in your home country. DHL will not deliver to PO boxes. All other parchments will be sent via standard Airmail and cannot be traced.

It is vital you update your details prior to the cut-off dates and before leaving Australia.

If your Post Office or DHL isn't holding your parchment for collection, you must contact us within two months of your graduation ceremony to get your parchment's registered post number. If you don't contact us within three months of your graduation ceremony, you'll have to request a replacement parchment along with relevant payment.

Third-party collection

You can only authorise a third party to collect your parchment after the July and December graduation ceremonies and after submitting a Request for replacement parchment (RP form) (PDF file, 236.9 KB). Third party collection can't be requested at any other time.

If you would like a third party (like your parent, partner or friend) to collect your parchment on your behalf after your ceremony, you'll need to:

  1. Complete a Third Party Authorisation (TPA form).
  2. Email askqut@qut.edu.au by the relevant close date requesting that your parchment be collected by the third party. Please refer to key dates for relevant close dates.

Third party authority can take up to three days to process.

When your third party comes to collect your parchment they must show either their:

  • passport
  • Australian drivers licence
  • Australian proof of age card.

Requests made after cut-off dates will not be accepted. Parchments will only be available for third-party collection after graduation ceremonies for a particular period are over and can only be collected from HiQ at Kelvin Grove.

Other graduation documents can't be collected by a third party.

I need a replacement parchment

You can request a replacement or substitute parchment if your parchment was issued by QUT or one of our predecessor institutions and you've:

  • lost your original hardcopy parchment
  • damaged your original hardcopy parchment
  • changed your name.


If you need your parchment certified for government or employment purposes, please take an original hardcopy to HiQ on campus.

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