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Accessing qualifications online: My eQuals

About My eQuals

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This is a story of engineers, lawyers, artists, psychiatrists, and doctors in the making, of university students, all of them working toward one thing: it's their ticket to work to further study and to their dreams.

However, certifying this ticket to apply for a job or further study can be complicated.

They'll need to call, book, queue, pay, print, post, receive, copy, certify and then send.

To prevent fraud, the recipient will again need to contact the university for verification.

This story seems excessive, right?

Introducing My eQuals, your online academic record.

It's a safe and trusted platform endorsed by some of the world's leading educational institutions.

Using My eQuals, universities can issue certified documents online which students can access anytime and share with anyone anywhere in the world, and recipients can feel safe in knowing the documents have come from a verified source.

It all equals a quick, secure and trusted transaction for all.

My eQuals, now that's a better story.

On this page

These official graduation documents are available online through My eQuals:

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS)
Issued automatically if you graduate after December 2018.
Issued automatically if you graduate after September 2019.
Available on request if you graduated before September 2019.

About My eQuals

My eQuals is used by Australian and New Zealand universities to securely store official digital qualifications.

Through My eQuals, you can:

  • access your official documents at any time
  • share them with potential employers, educational institutions and others
  • control who has access to view your documents, set how long they can access them, and check when they've been viewed.

It uses cryptographic protection to ensure official documents are secure.

More information on My eQuals

How will I access my digital qualifications?

You'll be able to access your digital qualifications through My eQuals and log in with a personal email address.

If you're graduating, make sure you've listed a personal email address in your HiQ personal profile so you can access your official digital documents after you graduate. 

If you graduated before September 2019, you can request a digital parchment.

Once we've issued your documents, we'll send an email to your personal email address with instructions and a link to My eQuals.

You can then create a My eQuals account to access your digital documents.

Will I need to pay for a digital qualification?

The digital AHEGS and parchments we provide when you graduate are free.

If you graduated before September 2019 a digital parchment is available on request for $25.

How will I share my documents?

Through My eQuals you'll be able to:

  • create a link and then add this link to an email or document such as your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • create a link and send it via email directly from My eQuals
  • share to a registered organisation
  • download your document in PDF format, however, this won't be a certified copy.

Will hardcopies still be available?

When you graduate you'll still receive a hardcopy parchment, however, you'll no longer receive a hardcopy AHEGS.

You can purchase a hardcopy academic record at any time and a hardcopy AHEGS after you've graduated.

For past studies, you can still purchase a hardcopy academic record, or replacement AHEGS or parchment.

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