Already graduated but want to attend a ceremony? Find out more about graduation ceremonies and the steps to graduating.

Official documents and qualifications

The qualifications you'll receive on graduation and official documents that confirm your studies.

Returning to uni

If you've previously studied at uni, find out how you can apply for further study.

Student fee refunds

If you overpaid your fees while you were studying or withdrew from certain units, you may be able to apply for a refund or debt remission.

Fee, census, CSP and HELP obligations

Your obligations as a student with university fees, and the consequences of not meeting these obligations.

Withdrawing from units

The cost of withdrawing from units and how to withdraw without financial or academic penalty if you've left QUT.

Appeal against a penalty for misconduct

You can lodge an appeal if you received a penalty during your studies or have been excluded for academic misconduct.

Student Ombudsman

An independent service to investigate student grievances, usually relating to academic or administrative decisions.

Early exit request

In some courses you may be eligible to graduate with a different qualification if you didn't complete the full course requirements.

Request to appeal against exclusion

Complete this request if you have received a show cause notice and wish to appeal against exclusion from your course.

Special circumstances

How to outline special circumstances that impacted on your studies as part of particular processes including refunds and unit withdrawal.

Transfer to another education provider

Request release from QUT to transfer to another institution before completing six months of your principal course (international students).

Access to QUT systems

After graduating you can use your QUT username and password to access our services for alumni including email, the alumni community and QUT app.