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This policy outlines QUT's principles and guidelines for international student fees.


This policy complies with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.


In accordance with QUT policy E7.1 ‘Student Fees and Charges', International students are required to pay tuition fees. An international student is defined as a student who is not:

  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand; or
  • an Australian permanent visa holder.


A non-refundable application fee is payable with international applications. The Registrar may exempt some cohorts from the application fee.


Applications may attract a late fee if not lodged by the application due date.


International students are required to pay the deposit amount stipulated in their letter of offer as a condition of their acceptance. The deposit amount is a pre-payment which is allocated to tuition fees when they are invoiced. International students may choose to pay more than 50% of their tuition fees before the course commences.

Sponsored students


Sponsored students who provide a valid financial guarantee or written sponsorship agreement from their sponsor at the time of acceptance of offer are not required to pay the deposit. Sponsored students who do not provide valid documentation must pay the full deposit amount in accordance with clause 3.1 in order to accept their offer.


A non-refundable registration fee is payable for all English language students.


Other administrative charges are levied for services as published on the QUT website.


International tuition fees are determined at a unit level and normally increase each year. The total amount payable for each teaching period is the sum of fees for individual units. International tuition fees are published in individual unit outlines available on the QUT website.


English language course students pay a separate charge for airport reception, accommodation services and English language support.


International student tuition fees do not include the costs of textbooks, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), administrative charges, additional compulsory course costs, computer costs, stationery, photocopying, or living and personal expenses such as food, accommodation, transportation, or leisure activities.


For English language courses, unit tuition fees are final on the first day of classes of the teaching period. For all other courses, unit fees are final as at the Census date of each teaching period.

Research higher degree students (PhD, Professional Doctorate and Research Masters)<


Most research students are able to commence their studies at any time in the year. Tuition fees for thesis units are time based and will be pro-rated for the first and last teaching periods based on the student's commencement and completion dates. International tuition fees are published in individual unit outlines available on the QUT website.




Tax Invoices can be accessed via eStudent. An email notification is sent to the official QUT student email account when a Tax Invoice is available on-line.


QUT cannot accept payment for living or personal expenses.


Payments identified or suspected to be fraudulent will be immediately returned to the originating account. Making fraudulent payments is a breach of the Student Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action. In addition, unauthorized or fraudulent payments may also be a breach of criminal laws and may need to be reported to the police.


Failure to pay all outstanding fees by the due date will result in a sanction on the student's record and suspension of access to some or all university services. A late payment fee will be levied on the outstanding amount.


If fees remain unpaid in full or part after census date and after the appeal period, the student's enrolment in all courses/units in current and future study periods will be cancelled. International student visa holders whose enrolment is cancelled for non-payment of fees will be reported to the Australian Government. This may have implications for the student's visa.


Re-instatement of enrolment in the current teaching period will only be possible up to the end of the current teaching period (excluding exam period), subject to payment of all outstanding debts.


If a student's enrolment is cancelled for non-payment of fees, a 50% cancellation fee, based on 50% of the tuition fees for enrolled units as at the census date for that teaching period, will be applied to the student's account. Students will need to apply for readmission in a subsequent teaching period, subject to payment of all outstanding debts, including the cancellation fee, and meeting all entry requirements for re-admission.



Payment plans will not be approved for the deposit amounts.


Students must be able to demonstrate that a significant case of financial hardship has occurred after they accepted the terms and conditions of their offer to study at QUT.


Payment plans cannot extend beyond the end of the current teaching period.


Defaults (non-payment) on revised due dates will be subject to the same conditions for non-payment of fees in accordance withclause 7.




This written agreement, and the right to make complaints and seek appeals of decisions and action under various processes, does not affect the rights of the student to take action under the Australian Consumer Law if the Australian Consumer Law applies.


Depending on when you accepted your offer to study, you may need to refer to a different version of the policy.

Offers accepted before July 2014
2008 International fee and refund policy (PDF file, 57.7 KB)
Offers accepted before January 2018
2015 International student fee policy (PDF file, 104 KB)
Offers accepted before December 2017
2017 International student fee policy (PDF file, 286 KB)


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