Are you a current student with access to the HiQ website? Follow the Steps to graduating for current students instead.

Steps to graduating for conferred students

If you've already graduated and had your degree conferred but haven't attended a ceremony, follow these steps to get ready for your graduation day.

When are ceremonies held?

Each year, we hold two ceremony rounds:

  • mid-year graduation ceremonies, usually late July to mid-August.
  • end-of-year graduation ceremonies, usually in December.

To attend, you need to have completed your course by the cut-off date for the round.

If you complete your course after the cut-off date but are still eligible to graduate, you'll be included in either the March or September conferral round. These are non-ceremony rounds which means you'll receive your parchment by mail and be invited to attend a future ceremony.

Which ceremony can I attend?

You're eligible to attend the ceremony that best aligns with your study area. Our schedule lists the study areas for each ceremony. After you register, the Ceremonies Office will contact you to confirm which ceremony you can attend.

View our upcoming graduation ceremony schedule

For more information on ceremony allocations, select your course type below:

You'll be allocated to a ceremony based on your faculty study area (this can sometimes be allocated according to your study area A or major).

Double degree students will only need to register for a single ceremony. Your name will be announced and printed in the program for both courses.

You'll be allocated to a single ceremony based on the following:

  • If your double degree includes a Justice component, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the Justice part of your degree. This includes Law/Justice double degrees.
  • If your double degree includes a Law component, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the Law part of your degree. This excludes Law/Justice double degrees.
  • If your double degree includes an Education component, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the Education part of your degree.
  • If your double degree includes a Business component, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the non-Business part of your degree.
  • If your double degree includes an honours component, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the honours part of your degree (excluding Justice and Law/Justice students).

For any other double degrees, you'll be allocated to a ceremony for the degree that comes first in your course name.

You'll be allocated to a ceremony that best reflects your principal supervisor's organisational unit.

If you're graduating from more than one course but not a double degree (for example, a Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice), you'll be allocated to attend a single ceremony but will need to register for each course separately.

You'll only be announced on stage once for the highest qualification, and will be seated with students from the higher award course.

Your academic dress will need to reflect your higher award course.

If you completed either:

and attended the course outside of Brisbane, visit our Interstate graduation ceremonies page for details on your ceremony, academic dress, and guest tickets. You don't need to read the remaining steps on this page.

If you completed your studies in Brisbane, you are not able to attend an interstate ceremony.

Check back in early June 2024 for a link to the registration form for mid-year ceremonies

Check the ceremony schedule for detailed information on your ceremony.

I need accessibility assistance

Accessibility assistance may be required if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have a disability, injury or health condition
  • have a religious or cultural reason.

If you need assistance, specify your requirements on the registration form. The Ceremonies team will email you to discuss your accessibility requirements.

QUT only organises special seating for graduates. Any special seating requests for guests should be directed to Ticketek.

Do I need a ticket for myself?

No. You just need to register for your ceremony and be sure to check-in on the day of your ceremony.

How do I purchase guest tickets?

Tickets will be available for purchase from Ticketek. Tickets can be purchased until the start of your ceremony if seats are available.

How many guest tickets can I purchase?

While there are initial purchase limits on guest tickets stated on Ticketek's website, any unsold tickets will be released for purchase the week prior to ceremonies.

How do I arrange accessibility assistance for my guests at the venue?

If your guests need accessibility assistance, contact Ticketek. QUT cannot assist with guest seating.

Can I refund guest tickets?

All ticket sales and refunds are processed by our official ticketing partner, Ticketek.

All refund requests must be submitted to Ticketek within 10 business days of the ceremony's conclusion.

QUT cannot assist with guest ticket refunds. We recommend waiting until you have your 'Graduation Confirmation' email before purchasing guest tickets.

Buy or hire academic dress

You can hire or purchase academic dress during the registration process.  

Only QUT-approved academic dress can be worn at a QUT graduation ceremony.

What am I required to wear?

Your academic dress

Select your course type to see what you're required to wear at your ceremony:

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black bachelor gown.

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black bachelor gown
  • 100mm blue hood
  • mortarboard.

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black bachelor gown
  • 100mm blue hood with a white trim
  • mortarboard.
Masters by coursework

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black masters gown
  • fully lined blue hood with a white trim
  • mortarboard.
Masters by research (Master of Philosophy)

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black masters gown
  • fully lined red hood
  • mortarboard.

Doctor of Philosophy

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black gown with red facings
  • fully lined red hood
  • tudor bonnet with red tassel.

Professional Doctorate

Your academic dress consists of:

  • black gown with blue facings
  • fully lined blue hood
  • tudor bonnet with blue tassel.


What to wear with your academic dress

Gowns are open at the front, so your clothes will be partially visible. We suggest wearing smart business clothing underneath, such as:

  • pants or slacks
  • a dress shirt or blouse
  • a knee-length dress or skirt
  • shoes that allow easy handling of stairs and slippery surfaces.

Your hairstyle should allow for a graduation hat to be worn. Jackets and ties are optional.

In addition to your academic dress, you may choose to wear an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander stole.

Stoles are provided by our Oodgeroo Unit to celebrate student achievement and to recognise the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The design of the stoles and their colours are reflective of both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

To obtain a stole or for further information, email


Collecting and returning your hired academic dress

Your hired academic dress will be issued to you at the ceremony venue. 

You must return your hired academic dress no later than one hour after the conclusion of your ceremony.

Your mortarboard is yours to keep as a memento of your special day. However, doctoral graduates are required to return their borrowed bonnets.

Robing at the ceremony

You need to arrive two hours prior to the start of your ceremony so you can be robed.

You must be robed by staff to ensure you're presentable and wearing the correct regalia. Robing services are included in the academic dress hire and purchase prices.

If you've chosen to purchase your academic dress from an external supplier and you have incorrect items that aren't QUT-approved, you'll be charged a full hire fee for the correct academic dress.

Graduation ceremonies are held at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, which follows Queensland Health advice on safe venue practices.

What to bring

  • Your academic dress (if purchased).

If you've received your parchment in the mail, do not bring it to the ceremony. You'll be given a document and folder on stage that can be used for photos.

Otherwise, bring as little as possible. No cloak room facilities are available and you can't enter the ceremony hall with belongings.

Arrange for your guests to take any essential belongings before your mandatory graduation briefing or leave them on your chair in the briefing area. QUT and BCEC take no responsibility for personal items.

Getting to the venue

Arrive at the venue two hours before your ceremony to check in, be robed and attend your briefing.
Guests are welcome to wait in the Guest Lounge.

Visit the BCEC website for location, access and parking information. BCEC is surrounded by accessible public transport. If you're driving, park in car parks 1, 2 or 3.

When you arrive

  1. Enter via the main entrance on the corner of Merivale Street and Glenelg Street.
  2. Go to the information desk in Exhibition Hall 1 to check in and receive your seat allocation.
  3. Follow the directions to the robing station to be robed.
  4. 45 minutes before your ceremony, you'll be seated in Exhibition Hall 1 to receive your briefing. Ensure your guests have their tickets before your graduation briefing.

Ceremonies are held in the Great Hall and typically run for 90 minutes.

Flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony.

Our official photographers, GFP Events, will be available for traditional and casual shots of you and your guests.

Studios will be open before and after your ceremony. Pre-ceremony sittings end 45 minutes before the ceremony.

Book a photo session with GFP

GFP also photograph every graduate crossing the stage. Stage photos can be pre-ordered or purchased on the day.

Photographers and videographers will be taking photos and video for QUT's promotional purposes. If you don't wish to be photographed or filmed, let QUT staff know on the day.

Flowers from Brisbane Market Flowers will be available to buy in the Guest Lounge. Flowers can also be pre-ordered.

Pre-order your graduation flowers

If you arrive late

Strict lockout rules apply if you or a guest is late.

If you're running late, email the Ceremonies team at with the subject 'URGENT ceremony late arrival'. Include your name, student number and your ceremony.

We are only available by email, not by phone. We'll try to accommodate any late graduates but cannot guarantee they'll be able to attend.

During the ceremony

Turn your mobile off or to silent for the duration of the ceremony. You will not be permitted to take your phone on stage.

Your seat number determines when you'll cross the stage. Staff will usher you one row at a time into the Great Hall and to your seat.

Check your seat sticker matches your seat card.

When the ceremony begins, you'll be asked to stand for the entrance of the Academic Procession.

Staff will usher you one row at a time backstage for the presentation of awards.

You'll receive your parchment folder and your name will be checked.

Robing staff will be on hand to check that your gown is sitting correctly and your tassel is sitting to the right.

  1. When it's your turn, move to the first blue dot on the floor of the stage. Look for the official photographer standing near you just below the stage.
  2. Hold up your folder in front of you and face the photographer, who will take a photo.
  3. Turn to face the Presenting Officer, who will be standing at the lectern announcing each graduate's name.
  4. Wait for your name (and thesis title, for doctoral students) to be called, then move to the second blue dot in the middle of the stage to meet the Presiding Officer.
  5. Doff your hat to the Presiding Officer by inclining your head while holding the tip of your mortarboard with your right hand.
Shaking hands is not permitted. Refrain from extending your hand or reaching for the Presiding Officer.
  1. Turn to the audience for a second photo with the Presiding Officer.
  2. Move off stage and collect your photography card.
  3. Follow staff directions back to your assigned seat. You can now move your tassel to the left side of your mortarboard.

After the ceremony

Staff will usher you to follow the Academic Procession out of the hall to meet guests in the Guest Lounge, which will be open for one hour after the ceremony.

Gowns must be returned within one hour of the end of the ceremony. The mortarboard is yours to keep.

Live stream

Ceremonies are livestreamed for family members or friends who can't attend. This will be available 30 minutes before the ceremony.

A recording of the live stream will be available after the ceremony as a memento and will remain online for six months.

If you don't want to be included in the recording, email the Ceremonies team at with the subject "Graduation ceremony recording request" (it isn't possible to be excluded from the live stream).

Find out more about ceremony live streams

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Live streaming

All graduation ceremonies will be live streamed for the benefit of family members or friends who are unable to attend the ceremony.

View the live stream

This stream can be viewed from Windows and Mac OS X computers, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Streaming video can be data-intensive - be aware of your mobile plan's 3G/4G data limits.

No permanent recording will be kept by or used for any other purpose by the University.