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Related Courses

ST01 - Bachelor of Science

Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Science

ST20 - Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)

Bachelor Degree, Honours
Faculty of Science

SV02 - Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Bachelor Degree, Vertical Double Degree
Faculty of Science

UD01 - Bachelor of Urban Development (Honours)

Bachelor Degree, Honours
Faculty of Engineering

IX85 - Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Bachelor Degree (Double), Honours
Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice

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GSZ553 - Business Leadership Practicum

GSZ572 - Integrated Workplace Project - Business Planning

IFT695 - Thesis

IFT867 - Thesis

IFT696 - Thesis

IFT613 - Thesis

IFT815 - Thesis

IFT664 - Thesis

IFT883 - Thesis

IFT871 - Thesis


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