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GPBicycle parking


There are several bicycle parking options on campus including:

  • public bicycle racks,
  • shared, secure bicycle compounds
  • individual bicycle lockers

All students, staff and visitors with a current QUT ID card can request access to the shared, secured bicycle compounds by paying a required fee.

For greater bicycle security, Transport systems provide a number of individual lockers which are available for hire. These lockers can only be accessed by key.

Cycling information for students

Cycling information for staff

Services available

Service for the public and staff and students

  • Bicycle racks



GP, C Block bicycle rack, compound and locker

Level 1

No disability access


GP, F Block bicycle racks

No disability access


GP, P Block bicycle racks

Level 2

No disability access


GP, Q Block bicycle compound

Q/R Laneway

No disability access


GP, S Block bicycle lockers

Level 2

No disability access

Photo of Bicycle parking

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